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The Strand Theater, a noted landmark on the historic Marietta Square in Cobb County, got it's start as a major motion picture house in 19353. The Strand provided movie entertainment to thousands of people of all ages until it closed it's doors as a movie house in 1976. 


1935: Manning Winks Theater Company officially announced the opening of their new Art deco movie theater after seven months of construction. Embracing such modern technologies as heating and air conditioning, acoustical sound system, seating for 1000 and a fireproof projection room, The Strand was the most modern theater outside of Atlanta and cost $150,000


The Strand opened it's doors on September 24th at 2:00. All of Marietta attended the premiere of Top Hat, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.


1936: A slogan contest was announced in June and the winner would receive free tickets. The winning slogan "The House of Smart Attractions" was selected, but the contest winner was anonymous.


1947: Television and drive-in theaters were quickly gaining popularity and Manning-Winks sold the Strand to the Martin Theater Chain.


The Martin Theater Chain owned and operated the Strand until the late 1950s, when Georgia Theater, Inc. bought them out.


1964: The Strand underwent a complete renovation.


1976: Herbert Goldstein bouth the property and between that time and 1982 the building housed a number of different ventures.


2002: The theater was vacated and a "FOR RENT" sign was displayed in the box office window as the building deteriorated.


Community leaders explored the possibility of restoring the Strand and shortly thereafter, the Friends of the Strand" was formed.


2003 - 2009: a $5,000,000 renovation project was completed.


2009: Official Grand Opening of the Earl Smith Strand Theatre


In recent years, The Strand Theater and the surrounding Marietta Square area have since been the setting for scenes in numerous major television and motion picture projects.





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