24 Hour Film Race Films

Film Racing is an international competition that challenges filmmakers around the world to create short films in a specific period of time (24 Hours or 100 Hours) based on a surprise theme, prop, and action assignment.  


From 10:00pm on June 24 until 10:00pm on June 25, filmmakers around the world created 5 minute short films based on this year's theme (A Second Chance), action (pushing a button), and prop (a deck of cards).


The top 24 films will be screened and awards presented as part of the Marietta International Film Festival. 


As part of the competition, there is also a Poster Contest involving the Finalists. You can help determine the winner and vote for your favorite poster here.


The Top 24 Finalists for the 24 Hour Film Race 2016 were:

- 3B (New York)

- A Game of Chances (Texas)

- A Hole to China (Pennsylvania)

- A Saw for Mother (California)

- Becky (Illinois)

- Better Luck Next Time (Kansas)

- Cherry Lane (Canada)

- Eine Zweite Chance (Germany)

- Famulus (Texas)

- Game of Cards (Washington)

- Good to Go (Illinois)

- Gym Nast: The Story of a Star Reborn! (Canada)

- High Stakes (Pennsylvania)

- I Came From The Sky (Uruguay)

- La Llave de Poker (Uruguay)

- LaundryLand (Canada)

- Next (Colorado)

- Possessed Baby Detective (California)

- Push to Start (Texas)

- Smile (Canada)

- Spliced Hearts (New York)

- Take Me With You (Florida)

- The Job (California)

- Wayward (California)


In addition to the Top 24 Finalists, all films submitted from the Southeast United States are also screened as part of the Festival.  This year's SE United States films are:

- A Good Day to Drive (Florida)

- Binary (North Carolina)

- Draw (Florida)

- Hearts (Georgia)

- Lazarus (Alabama)

- Lens Cap (Georgia)

- LIsten (Florida)

- Medium (Florida)

- Out of the Frying Pan (Georgia)

- Paul A Barber's Wisdom (Georgia)

- Prime Citizen (Georgia)

- Reawakening (Georgia)

- Second Chance Act (Georgia)

- Take Me With You (Florida)

- Tell (Georgia)

- The Disconnect (Georgia)

- The Empty Nest (Georgia)

- Tricia's Corner (Georgia)


The 100 Hour Film Race for 2016 will take place December 8-12.


More information on the 24 Hour and 100 Hour Film Races is available on the Film Racing Website.






Regular Deadline

June 1, 2017


Late Deadline

July 1, 2017


WAB Extended Deadline

August 1, 2017


2017 Festival Date

September 9 & 10,  2017

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