2017 Screening Schedule

Saturday, September 9, 2017

10:00am                OPENING CEREMONY

10:05am                UNCLE SILAS [New York] - Maureen, exhausted from child birth, must summon a mother's strength to fight for redemption or choose to let go from a dangerous, self-destructive force:  her family. A brother and sister stripped to their most bare and piercing, the two confront choices as only siblings can. (SHORT FILM)

10:20am                BHAYGALE BACHEKAHARU [Nepal] - This documentary highlights the miraculous survivals of those who escaped death in the devastating (7.8) earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April 2015 and the second 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck on May 12.  The first earthquake left 9,000 (more than half were female) dead, many injured, hundreds of people are still missing, internally displaced and homeless (hundreds of thousands) and more than half million houses were destroyed. The second earthquake destroyed many other historic buildings, temples and roads when the country was still struggling to recover from the earthquake only a few weeks earlier. (DOCUMENTARY FEATURE)

11:10am                DEAR FUTURE SELF [Oregon] - A message from the past brings discovery of the present. (SHORT FILM)

11:20am                THE WRITER WITH NO HANDS [Great Britain] - A British university professor travels to Los Angeles to prove a Hollywood screenwriter was assassinated by the CIA. (DOCUMENTARY FEATURE)

12:40pm               GOOD HAIR [Georgia] - A conditioner bottle spawns what appears to be argument of the day for couple Frankie and Khi. Good Hair explores a millennial long-term relationship and the split ends along the way. (SHORT FILM)

1:05pm                  FILMMAKER Q&A – MORNING FILMS

1:30pm                 TROIS [Georgia] - Rebecca must choose between her husband and her lover. (SHORT FILM)

1:45pm                  ABERRANTE [Italy] – Ivan is in a room, talking to

someone we can not see.  He's reciting a tremendouns monologue that

goes back to childhoom memories and to his mother, who died in the

bathroom.  But who is he talking to? Who is that unknown person? Why is

Ivan keeping himself imprisoned in that dirty, crumbling room.  These

questions will soon have an answer, although unpleasant.  ABERRANTE

is a real escalation of physical and psychological violence.  The film is torn

between the protagonist's visions and reality.   (FEATURE FILM)

3:05pm                  PASHI [India] - A young boy learns about a technique of trapping birds from his old grandmother and starts practicing it. (SHORT FILM)

3:40pm                  MOKSHA [Maryland] - In a post-apocalyptic world, a son is in a dire journey to fulfill his Mother's wishes. He must overcome this toxic environment and some unexpected foes. (SHORT FILM)

4:05pm                  LA SARGENTO MATACHO [Columbia] - In 1948, a young Colombian peasant witnesses how police officers murder her husband. A victim of the fratricidal conflict known in Colombia as The Violence, she turns herself out into Sergeant Matacho, first female protagonist of outlaw troops. (FEATURE FILM) NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER AUDIENCES – CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND NUDITY

5:45pm                  PLEA OR NOT TO PLEA (Georgia) – a defense attorney must prove his client is innocent against difficult odds. [SHORT FILM]

5:50pm                  CHASING HOPE [Georgia] - Langston, a senile old man, who must keep it together for his son Collin's wedding, but things get wary as his Alzheimer's kicks in and his reckless grandson Phillip must find him before the ceremony. (SHORT FILM)

6:00pm                  N-Touch [Georgia] - In a future where technology makes connectivity instant to form relationships with the shake of a hand, N-Touch excels at bringing people closer. The whole world has changed, with this tech being the new cool thing to have. Some have it and constantly wait for the new, updated, versions while others could care less. N-Touch sets up a new way to form social circles, get jobs, or find lovers more efficiently than ever before. With all the pros of N-Touch it doesn't take long for individuals start to find out that this tech, isn't as great as it marketed to be. (SHORT FILM)

6:15pm                  THE GROUND THAT SINKS [Pennsylvania] -Three sisters are afforded the opportunity for rediscovery through their grief after losing their father (FEATURE FILM)

7:50pm                  SYNCED [Georgia] - A government agency kidnaps two unknowing citizens and places embeds a chip in them that allows them to control their every move. One of the chips defects in their test subjects, and he sets out to save his friends before the agency unveils their plan to the world. (SHORT FILM)

8:00pm                  PRETTY SURE [Canada] - Based on a true story: While watching a movie, a young man learns that his best friend is gay, and struggles with all the male insecurities surrounding homosexuality. (SHORT FILM)

8:10pm                  DOLLS [England] - While babysitting her 'stupid' little brother Jimmy, Zoe hears 'ballerina' music playing from his room. Upon further inspection, she finds him sat at a table surrounded by dolls. Jimmy tells her "they only move when the music stops" - of course they do. (SHORT FILM)

8:15pm                  WOUNDED HEARTS [Georgia] - A wealthy businessman and a devoted wife’s lives will be changed forever when the unexpected happens, death of a spouse and the secrets they leave behind. (SHORT FILM)

8:30pm                  NOT ALONE [New York] - After the loss of his father and its repercussions, Roy and his brother retrace their past in an attempt to get back on track. (FEATURE FILM) MATURE THEMES

10:00pm               FILMMAKER Q&A – AFTERNOON FILMS

Sunday, September 10, 2017

12:00pm                THE MAN WHO FORGOT TO BREATHE [Kurdistan] - A Man who forgets to breathe while sleeping, he recently had a quarrel with his wife, she wanted to leave him and get divorced. (SHORT FILM)

12:20pm                WAR BRIDES [Tennessee] - It was largest migration of women in history.  They would come from 50 countries around the world.  They had a new life ahead of them but would it be worth the arduous journey it took to get there. (DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM)

1:10pam                AUNTIE [Georgia] - A little girl named Alice spends her family get-together avoiding her creepy Auntie. Is Auntie harmless, or is Alice right to keep her distance? (SHORT FILM)

1:20pm                LIGHT SIGHT [Iran] - M.E. is imprisoned in a room and becomes attracted to a hanging light.  When he tries to catch it, the room itself becomes an obstacle on his way. (ANIMATED SHORT FILM)

1:35pm                CAIN’S SHADOW [Italy] - November 5th, 2025. Western metropolis. Young inspector Abel is grappling with another mysterious disappearance: Angela, a 9-year-old girl, of whom there has been no news for two days. For more than ten years there have been many disappearances of children. Numbers assume alarming proportions; the police are indicted. Ada is a young woman of thirty whose daughter was kidnapped some years before. From that day on she has led a personal investigation searching for the truth. Eddi, a transsexual in his sixties, is the host of a late-night radio program. Together with Agnes, he founded an association that through various propaganda activities, including the radio, struggles to find the truth. On the night of November 5th, the stories of these characters will be inexorably intertwined, leading us to a bitter and shocking discovery. (SHORT FILM)

2:05pm               FILMMAKER Q&A – MORNING FILMS

2:25pm                  IN A DREAM [Alabama] - KATE, a young office worker and aspiring pet portrait painter, is determined to find a mysterious man who keeps appearing in her dreams at night.  Her acerbic co-worker and best friend, HEATHER, does not share Kate's conviction the Dream Man even exists, and she begins to get seriously concerned about her friend's state of mind when Kate sets out on a desperate quest to find the man based on clues she believes to be receiving from him.  During her search, she goes through awful dates and mishaps but the surprise ending provides revelations about the triumph of friendship, the benefits of adopting a pet, and the importance of following our dreams. (SHORT FILM)

2:45pm                  BOUND (Georgia) Two young brothers, a drug dealer, and an honor roll student, are forced to examine their relationship with each other and the world, while two Atlanta police officers must face their own individual, yet linked, destinies.  One officer is a decorated war hero while the other has a questionable past.  Bound is a narrative that propels these four individuals towards one another while comparing societal stereotypes and contrasting the difference between perception and reality.   [FEATURE FILM]

4:10pm                  LIMBO [Greece] The death of a young boy haunts the other boys in a small seaside villiage  (SHORT FILM)

4:40PM                  A MIDWESTERN METHAMPHETAMINE FAIRYTALE [USA] - Chloe has been surrounde3d by drugs and violence for so long, she doesn’t even know life without them.  Her life is always on the run helping her mother, Lexie, and her mother’s degenerate boyfriend, Tiny, score more drugs to feed their cravings.  At a time when she should be playing dress-up and dolls, she’s used as a prop for her mother’s appetite. (SHORT FILM)


5:10pm                  DO YOU BELIEVE? [Georgia] - A group of kids sit in the family room telling stories - then the stories become all too real. (FEATURE FILM)

6:35pm                  FILMMAKER Q&A – AFTERNOON FILMS



32 Granola Bars (England)

A Memory (England)

Absentee (Georgia)

After (Oregon)

Banco Central (Georgia)

Before I Open My Eyes (Washington)

Crazy for You (Indiana)

Family (Washington)

Food Fight (California)

From Beatle (California)

L’eyes (Canada)

Make It Pink (Pennsylvania)

My Not So Super Life (S. Carolina)

One More Time for Dave (S. Carolina)

Paw Prince (California)

Pool of Memories (California)

Puddle Watching (England)

Slip N Slide (Georgia)

Snapshot (Australia)

Space Jail (Illinois)

Spoil (Australia)

The Cure (California)

Unremember (Uruguay)

What She Said (California)

Yromen Derni (California)

9:00pm                 AWARDS CEREMONY

10:00pm               CLOSING CEREMONY





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