Screening Schedule 2016

(in order of presentation)



DECISIONS (Georgia) - A quiet rape victim must come to terms with her assault in order to gain control over the life she lost. 

(Short - 12 min)


KARMA (Arizona) - After losing everything during the recession, Albert may have a second chance at success when he finds a wallet stuffed with cash. All he has to do is make the right decision.

(Short - 9 min)


HUMAN SEXUALITY (Georgia) - An infatuated college student recounts his awkward love story to his best friend.

(Short - 8 min)


BYROAD (Virginia) - After stumbling upon the victim of a hit-and-run, a young man traveling across the country must decide whether to stay and help or avoid involvement.

(Short - 8 min)


VOICES (Georgia) - Four people hold a man's life in their hands as they try to sway the others to their point of view.

(Short - 6 min)


HIDDEN ADMIRATION (Tennessee) - A documentary film about the French admiration for their allied liberators. The films includes interviews of three American veterans of the European Theater, three French citizens that witnessed the German occupation and Allied liberation as weel as two families who have servicemen buried in France. The film documents the celebrations and monuments to the allied liberators in Normandy, France.


The film includes footage of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

(Feature - 73 minutes)


UPSTAIRS (Italy) - Matt, Joe, Sarah and Francine are four guys in their twenties. They all live in Brighton, a wonderful seaside town overlooking the ocean, where they attend the local university.  Each of them has his own peculiar personality - differences that become ever more apparent little by little as the story progresses.

(Short - 22 minutes)


HERO (Georgia) - Dean appears to be your normal, everyday teenage boy - except his father is a retired CIA agent.  Dean's life takes a dramatic turn when a rogue ex-special forces agent escapes and kills Dean's father and Dean goes on an action packed mission to get revenge for his father's murder. 

(Short - 32 minutes)


THE BROKEN CHAIN (South Carolina) - A short story about two young people who struggle with the hardships of life - a boy trying to take care of his family and a girl trying to make her life more fulfilling.  Sol tries to earn money for his handicapped brother, while Autumn struggles to understand herself while in a relationship with a teacher at her school.

(Short - 15 minutes)


13 MINUTES (Georgia) - Kill or die. A society of patriots tests their fellow citizens commitment to freedom.

(Short - 14 minutes)


SECOND CHANCE (New York) - After a home invasion goes terribly wrong, Oscar tries to help the girl whose life he helped ruin.

(Feature - 81 minutes)


FINDING SANTA (Australia) - When Santa Claus mysteriously disappears and the rest of the world gives up the search, a lone elf scours the globe trying to find him.

(Short - 8 minutes)


WALK (California) - When fate hands you a difficult ride. WALK asks the simple yet vital question - "What's worth your time and what's not?"

(Short - 20 minutes)


NATURE NAPPED (California) - A frustrated nature lover trapped in L.A. tricks his best friend into wandering so far off a hiking trail in the Sierra Nevadas that they are lost indefinitely - or are they?

(Short - 22 minutes)


THE SYSTEM (Georgia) - Life is not a multiple choice test. That's the lesson journalist Ed More learns while covering a story at a local high school. After uncovering evidence of dark deception, he forms a friendship with disillusioned student Gray Magnus. Together they embark on a collision course with an oppressive monolithic system.

(Short - 104 minutes)


SPRINT TO THE PAST (Russia) - It's the story about one of the most beautiful sport - rowing - about the athletes and their memories of days gone by.  It's the story of three friends and their sporting rivalry in the 1980s and the fate of the sport of rowing in Russia today.

(Short - 16 minutes - subtitled)


CESIUM AND A TOKYO GIRL (Japan) - This is an adventure fantasy of Mimi and the seven gods in search of her grandmother's myna bird, Hakuski. The film depicts many aspects of modern Japanese history, sometimes in the realm of fantasy and sometimes realistically through the eyes of 17 year old Mimi.

(Feature - 110 minutes - subtitled)


MOUSSE (Sweden) - What could be easier than robbing a small tobacco shop of the outskirts of town? It's during the biggest horse race of the year and the betting center at Washington's tobacco shop looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles who is fed up with living as a second class citizen.  But what happens when he faces principles different from his own?

(Short - 42 minutes - subtitled)


TINY DANCERS (Florida) - As a kid, Melody was an award-winning ballet dancer with her whole life ahead of her. Now 30, she dances for tips at the Cheetah Lounge, a Miami strip club with a dwindling clientele.  After being arrested for drunk driving, she agrees to perform community service by teaching dance to a group of young kids. Sensing an opportunity to reclaim her past glory, she enrolls the group into a local dance competition - but she meets resistance from certain people who don't like the idea of a "stripper" working with young kids.

(Feature - 80 minutes)


AUTUMN LEAVES (Iran) - The troubles of little girl on her way to school.

(Short - 4 minutes)


GORAN (Serbia) - This short documentary film "Goran" takes an intimate look at despair and joy - hope and pride in achievement - loneliness and friendliness - as felt by Goran Gostojić of Novi Sad.

(Short - 11 minutes - subtitled)


ANTS (Bulgaria) - He is a 64 year old Gypsy - she is 74 - living in a Black Sea village where they met at an old age and hoping for a long and happy life together.

(Short - 16 minutes - subtitled)



SCAMMERHEAD (Canada) - A Global Film Noir with dark comic elements about Silas Breece, a legendary unorthodox business hustler who travels the world seeking capital from a bizarre mixture of investors, gangsters and government officials for a series of increasingly elaborate projects. 

(Feature - 108 minutes)


UNCOMMON GRACE: THE LIFE OF FLANNERY O'CONNOR (Georgia) - Despite her premature death at age 39, Flannery O'Connor left behind one of the most haunting and strikingly original bodies of work in 20th Century literature. With the rural South as her backdrop, she brought to life a string of eccentric characters torn between their worldly ambitions and the need for a more enduring truth.  This film traces the people and events that shaped her remarkable career, as welel as the important role that Catholicism played in her writing.  Featuring expert commentary and rare photographs, Uncommon Grace will give you a new appreciation for this highly celebrated celebrated, yet often misunderstood, storyteller. 

(Feature - 63 minutes)


A HANDFUL OF HAPPINESS (Russia) - The purchase of a long-awaited bicycle by a young man turns into a chance at love.

(Short - 15 minutes)


KISS OF LIFE (Turkey) - Everything he's terrified of, she loves - could this be love?

(Feature - 102 minutes - subtitled)


BREAKFAST WITH CLARK (Georgia) - A normal date gone wrong in the life of Clark Kent.

(Short - 8 minutes)


BOY MEETS GIRL (S. Korea) - Hajin, a North Korean middle school girl, comes to South Korea for a homestay at the house of Wooyoung who is her same age.  Losing his own room, Wooyoung works on a project to send her back home but unintentionally falls in love with her in the process.

(Feature - 71 minutes - subtitled)


24 HOUR FILM RACE 2016 - Screening of Southeast U.S. Films

- A Good Day to Drive (Florida)

- Binary (North Carolina)

- Draw (Florida)

- Hearts (Georgia)

- Lazarus (Alabama)

- Lens Cap (Georgia)

- Listen (Florida)

- Medium (Florida)

- Out of the Frying Pan (Georgia)

- Paul A Barber's Wisdom (Georgia)

- Prime Citizen (Georgia)

- Reawakening (Georgia)

- Redemption (Georgia)

- Second Chance Act (Georgia)

- Take Me With You (Florida)

- Tell (Georgia)

- The Disconnect (Georgia)

- The Empty Nest (Georgia)

- Tricia's Corner (Georgia)


24 HOUR FILM RACE 2016 - Screening of Top 24 FINALISTS

- 3B (New York)

- A Game of Chances (Texas)

- A Hole to China (Pennsylvania)

- A Saw for Mother (California)

- Becky (Illinois)

- Better Luck Next Time (Kansas)

- Cherry Lane (Canada)

- Eine Zweite Chance (Germany)

- Famulus (Texas)

- Game of Cards (Washington)

- Good to Go (Illinois)

- Gym Nast: The Story of a Star Reborn! (Canada)

- High Stakes (Pennsylvania)

- I Came From The Sky (Uruguay)

- La Llave de Poker (Uruguay)

- LaundryLand (Canada)

- Next (Colorado)

- Possessed Baby Detective (California)

- Push to Start (Texas)

- Smile (Canada)

- Spliced Hearts (New York)

- Take Me With You (Florida)

- The Job (California)

- Wayward (California)



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